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Menina Fondant is the most sophisticated fondant incorporating agents to create stability in high ambient temperatures and the reduction of moisture beading in times of high humidity. The use of low molecular size compounds ensures a silky smooth finish to your masterpiece, with no grittiness or cracking on corners. Contains omega 3 and alpha linolinic acid and no cholesterol, and the taste, yum.

1 - Prepare cake by levelling and covering any holes, brush with a little sugar syrup. Weigh quantity required using the equivalency of use table.
2 - Rub a little Menina Moulding fat or corn starch on your hands, using a non stick mat knead until it becomes silky smooth. Roll out to desired thickness.
3 - Apply to prepared cake and use a little corn starch to smooth with your hands and smoothers.
4 - Place unused fondant in plastic bag and reseal.


6mm or 1/4 inch thick (approx) (approx weight)
1 x 15cm (6") 800g
1 x 25cm (8") 1200g
1 x 25.5cm (10") 1600g
For square cakes add an additional 100g per cake.