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Flower Paste preparation

Knead your desired portion of Menina Flower Paste with Menina Satin moulding fat and it will become very extensible. Rub a smear of Menina Satin fat on your board and roll to desired thickness.
Menina Flower paste can be frozen for long periods of time. Before reusing let it come to room temperature and knead well with Menina Satin fat or corn starch.
The colours are concentrated but all the colours are compatible due to the exclusive formulation. If you find the paste is too slack which should not be the case, then the addition of pure icing sugar would suffice. In high humid conditions create the drying conditions for your finished piece; after all we are working predominantly with sugar.
Menina Flower paste is freeze thaw stable so it can be used over and over to eliminate any wastage, under the right conditions will dry quickly and should require the minimum of petal propping.


Royal Icing Mix

Royal Icing Mix now available in white, red and black, just add water.
Menina Royal Icing is used for medium to fine pipping, shelling and frosting work. Contains agents to eliminate shrinkage during the setting process accompanied with extensible properties and a delicate flavour.

For stiff peak, shell border pipping, frosting and stencilling.
100g Menina Royal Icing
20mls Water (approx)

For fine pipping, writing and cornelli work
100g Menina Royal Icing
25mls water (approx)
Beat until smooth and shiny.


Sugar Craft Glue

Can be used in all forms of sugar craft when pieces of icing need to dry together. Use with a soft brush, do not saturate the icing, you only need a damp brush.
Can also be used as a soft glaze, allow a little extra time for drying.