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We are a family owned business in QLD specialising in flower paste and fondant.

We're proud to produce what we believe to be the most sophisticated paste and fondant on the market.

Menina Flower Paste is a ready to use paste which has been designed to be smooth, silky and roll incredibly thin. Our paste is freeze thaw stable so it can be used over and over to eliminate wastage. 


Menina Fondant is the most sophisticated fondant incorporating agents to create stability in high ambient temperatures. The use of low molecular size compounds ensures a silky smooth finish to your masterpiece, with no grittiness or cracking on corners.  And the taste, yum.


Other products available: Premix Royal Icing in White, Black and Red, Sugar craft glue, Moulding Fat and Buttercream.

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 New Product

Menina White Vanilla


Menina White Vanilla